Monday, 17 December 2012

Achievements, Blessings & Vaccations

A few days before the year end, rumors from the Mayans flying all around the world talking about the apocalypse. Well here at MTK Brand decide to just sit at park, have ice cream and count all our achievements and blessings while we plan on vacations. Some beach sand laying, coconut milk sipping in Trinidad and Tobago type of thing.

The amount of greatness that's been done at our fashion house this year deserves to be recognized. It has just been a good year. From launching our clothing at Ivory Keys Fashion Week with our Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection in April good things started happening. We show cased at Gaborone Fashion Weekend 2012 and had an exhibition at Color In The Desert Fashion Week 2012. The head-designer of MTK Brand was on the cover of Lapologa Magazine which also gave us a double page spread twice for our collections.

MTK Brand was also featured on Arise Magazine, Renaissance Men, Haus of Kings. Also seeing us dress international stars like Somizi Mhlongo and BOMU Award Winner Benson Phuthego for his album cover and promo pictures.

Out of all out our achievement we'd like to thank International Designer Koketso Chiepe, International Stylist & PR Manager of River Island Arieta Mujay,for being our mentors through out. It has been a good year and we are forward to a better one.

Head Designer of MTK Brand Fatima Mekgwe at Ivory Keys Fashion Show 2012

Head Designer of MTK Brand Having a chat with International Stylist & PR Manager of River Island, Arieta Mujay (at Gaborone Fashion Weekend 2012)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Fashion, Things & Yard Sales

Gaborone is luckily one of the only cities in the good old Africa that garage sales aren't totally gauche. We've snatched up our Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection and Spring/Summer 2013 Collection together with a too many vintage items to count. Our closets were bordering on hoarder-status, and we decided to spring (err summer) clean. And since we're firm believers that one man's trash is another's treasure, we're holding a giant yard sale smack dab in the city. Our urgent need to "edit" down our items will most certainly be your gain with vintage and designer duds, a little beauty booty, and lots of quirky finds deserving of a cool new home. Every little pretty on the grassy corner will be sold for insanely cheap and we can promise you'll leave with at least something to brighten your Saturday. 

 When: Saturday, November 25, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (no early-birds please)
 Where: Block 3 Industrial, Western Industrial Estate, Parking Area.
Contact: Head Designer, Fatima Mekgwe, +267 75536215,

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Galactic Rock Candy - Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Look Book

The Look Book For MTK Brand is finally done. Here Is What We Have For You Fashion Beings.

 MTK Mateke brand mark by Head Designer Fatima Mekgwe. To make orders contact Fatima Cell: +267 75536215 OR loago Cell: +267 74502446 Email: Models: Kwame Acheampong & Nature Inger, Photography: Uyapo Ketogetswe of Haus of Kings

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Lapologa Magazine Four Page Spread

Credits: Designer/ Fatima Mekgwe
             Photographer/ Shike Olsen
             Location/ Main Mall
             Stylist/ Randy Nkwe

check out the new Lapologa Mag and see our HOT NEW COLLECTION !!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Arise Live Feature

Mateke Brand Mark continues to stay real on cyber world, from Renaissance Men to Haus of Kings. MTK Brand has also made it to yet another fashion website, we yet to still do it big. The link below is for our feature on Arise Live by Helen Jennings.

Monday, 8 October 2012

The Power of Mateke

You know when we are quiet we are working on something really major, not major as in "nuclear-weapons-major" but yah some thing along those lines all in the means of fashion, nothing harmful. Mateke Brand Mark has been doing really great on the cyber world we are literally causing traffic, in fact we are the traffic only that we move faster than actual traffic. It would only be fair if we shared our features with you and hear what fashion followers have to say about us, click on the links below and enjoy.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Botswana Independence Film Festival - Wardrobe Preview

This spring the best of home brewed films will gather the nation around at the first ever Botswana Independence Film Festival which will be on the 21st - 22nd September 2012 at The grand Palm Pool Gardens. Events like this always bring out the creativity in every fashion worshiper no doubt about that. We are looking forward to seeing so much hippie chic street style and sophisticated looks from the audience. Here are a few inspiration looks from the Coachella Music Festival 2012 in California you can learn one or two things from.

Looking forward to seeing everyone rapped up in their hippie sartorials, festivals appreciate style lets embrace that. :)